The Fast Track to Better Health and Fitness

Leslie Byzewski, says: “I guarantee results.” She means it. Through industry standardized testing methods, you will see results after 10 sessions. Leslie utilizes resistance training, circuit training, free weights, stability balls, and more. Her philosophy is to get you to a point where you are self-sufficient and independent to do all of the activities on your own, because that’s what will get you in the best possible health and shape.

Personal Training is especially useful for people who work best when they’re held accountable and are personally encouraged. As Leslie says, “When you work with a personal trainer, they pull you to a new level within your reasonable level of ability and strength.” That’s how you achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Leslie has various personal training clients ranging in age from 20-80 years old and in fitness ability from re-hab status to tri-athletes and everywhere in between.

it’s Client quote
“I have a hard time committing myself to exercising. I worked with a personal trainer at a different club, and it wasn’t nearly as good as what I’m getting here!”with Leslie.
- Lynne, age 55